I shot my daughter…

Black And White Photography, David, Photography

20160806-untitled shoot-11-Edit

…while she was talking to her mother at a wedding we attended.

Nikon D800
Nikon 24-70 f/2.8
PP Silver Efex ProII

Knock, Knock

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Photography

Meeting of the generations

Andre, Black And White Photography, Photography

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Father And Daughter

Black And White Photography, Martha, Photography


Witnessing the birth of my first granddaughter was one of the most amazing events of my life. I had three weeks with them and had fun photographing the birth and then the first ten days of her life. This was a sweet moment between new father and daughter


Saturday In The Park

Black And White Photography, Joseph, Photography

New York city is a paradise for street photographers. This image was taken in Madison Square Park and its not my typical kind of work. What I mean by my last sentence is I asked to take this image (I’m usually more of a gun and run type of street shooter),  Thank you Brittany and Marqis for being so gracious and letting me intrude in you’re space on this beautiful day in NYC.

Spring Is Here

alakajay, Black And White Photography, Photography

Brookside Gardens, Maryland

Sands Of The Kalahari

Black And White Photography, Emilio, Photography


Well, to be honest, these are not actually the sands of the Kalahari. These are the sands of Death Valley. But I figure there isn’t much difference between the sands of South Africa and California. So why did I choose the title of a 1965 British film that I’ve never seen? Just liked the name I suppose.

I wonder if the film is any good?

Zaha Hadid – Glasgow Transport Museum

Black And White Photography, Photography, Rico Rodriguez


Cascade of the New Mine

Black And White Photography, Charly, Photography

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