The HD & LD Porter Store

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The Porters were the leading merchants in Rhyolite, Nevada. Customers bought groceries, fresh vegetables, clothing and assessories, mining supplies, hardware, lumber, furniture, hay, grain, and wagons from the store. The town is less than 10  miles from the Nevada, California border and the entrance to Death Valley.

Borgund Stavkyrje

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As promised last week, here is a picture of the whole church, all wood and almost black with age. This church has survived with the least amount of alteration. Throughout Europe there where some 1000 wooden churches built this is one of the 28 left.
Fun fact: If you come from the village you can get married here.

Nikon Z6
Nikkor Z 24-70f/4 S
PP. Silver efexPro II

USC Poolside Abstract

USC Poolside Abstract

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