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Hi Everyone.

I hope you all made it safe and sound into the new year. My first shot this year is from the derelict kitchen at Pyramiden on Svalbard. The broken tile motif kind of fits the dereliction in my mind.

Nikon D800
Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 AFS-G


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When standing on the beach and watching the waves rolling in you can every now and then find things. In the surf, you can find stones, shells, algae or other sea plants and even human waste. At the same time, the surf washes away footprints or any other mark in the sand. Heavier waves are able to form the beach and even the coastline anew. This happens usually during the winter storms.

Two and a half weeks ago, a new year started. A new year comes to us just like the waves on the ocean. Some waves are small others are bigger and some even might be shaking the foundations of life. You won’t know in advance what the year will bring to your life. You also won’t know in advance, what it will take from you. But, you have to take it and you have to cope with the changes.

So, I wish you a happy new year and may a gentle warm wind strengthen your back and dry up the tears remaining from the past year.

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Late Night NYC – In memory of Patricia Fogarty

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Oh my gosh, I’m not at all great at posting ahead. It’s last minute me or not at all and I wish I could be more disciplined but it’s not going to happen any time soon.

So this is tonight here in NYC, snow last week, warm balmy weather this evening. Intoxicating to say the least but then I’m just an Old Fashioned gal having fun down in the West Village.

Thank you Fuji camera wi-fi and mobile apps!

As to how this shot looks in the bright light of day, well …. It is what it is for the now that is now.