Wetland Deck

Black And White Photography, Don, Photography
The mainland side of Galveston Island is a wonderful wetland rife with wading birds and waterfowl of all sorts. Everything increases at least fourfold in spring as migrators heading back north stop on the island to refuel after an arduous crossing of the Gulf of Mexico from their winter quarters in South America. This observation deck is one of several available that allow folks to enjoy both the birds and the wetlands vista.

Moonlight On Fire Island

Black And White Photography, Joseph, Photography

I haven’t been out shooting much lately so I thought I would experiment with an image on my computer. This is obviously a composite image that was made from 2 separate images. I hope you like it !

To view a color version of this image please click – here


Haworth Moor

Black And White Photography, James, Photography

I live 20 minutes away from Haworth and the beautiful and wild moors made famous by the Bronte sisters’ novels. This path goes from the village to Top Withens, a ruined farmhouse and the inspiration for Emilys’ ‘Wuthering Heights’. Close your eyes and you can almost imaging the three sisters walking along this old farm track nearly 180 years ago.