Goodbye Coal

Black And White Photography, Photography, Steven

Cholla Power Plant, Joseph City, AZ © Steven Willard

The Cholla Power Plant has since closed as coal continues to drop in popularity.

Olympus EM5 with 20mm f1.7 Lumix lens processed in Stackables and Snapseed.

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Corona Hair

Black And White Photography, David, Photography

My son Patrick came to help with some video editing. He’s suffering from a bad case of Corona hair
Leica M9-P
Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH.
PP Silver Efex pro II

wading along the trunks

Andre, Black And White Photography, Photography

This is one of the images, where it’s hard to decide if the image is monochrome or in color. No sky, no green plants, early no light, dark trunks, an oystercatcher is also mainly black and white. Only the legs, the bill and the eyes of an oystercatcher are of intense red color.

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