Three clouds and some people

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A bit of a stretch

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I like trees

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I don’t get much opportunity for street photography, but every time I do I’m reminded how difficult it is for me, and how exciting when things work out.

I saw this woman approaching me on the other side of the street and realized there was a photo opportunity in the making, if I could time it right. It was one of those situations where there was barely time to get the camera to my eye and press the shutter.

There are several things I like about this image; the contrast between the linearity of the building and the shape of he woman in her long dress, the contrast of textures and the contrast between the static building and the implied movement of her stride. But what I like most is her. She looks like she knows where she is going, and she is confident she will get there.

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Two in one !

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Working Class Is Beautiful – 4

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@work Rodger

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20180612-untitled shoot-Edit-Edit

Taken on the same coffee break as last weeks shot. Rodger was too cool to pose for me instead I took this shot when he leaned over to see what I was doing. I think it worked better in the end.

Camera : Hasselblad 203FE
Lens: Carl Zeiss Distagon 40mm f/4.0 CFE IF
Film: Kodak T-Max 400 asa at box speed.
Dev: 6.45 mins @20°C
Scan: Epson V700 Dry scan with better holder
PP: LR and Niks


Up Around the Bend

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Thurmond, West Virginia

Summer in the highlands of Iceland

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Northern Ireland – Causeway Coastal Route – Tievebulliagh

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