Prow to the sky

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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – Waterfront Park Lane Mall

Quarter past six

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Charlottetown – Prince Edward Island – Canada


Black And White Photography, iPhoneography, Teresa
Carcassonne castle – Medieval French city in Languedoc country (XII-XIV centuries)

Windblown Hair

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This is the love of my life, my wife Theresa. I am posting this image because I hardly ever see her with her hair all messed up like this. As any of you contributors who met her in person already know usually every hair is in place. Terry is at the final stage of growing her long hair out to its natural beautiful shades of gray. She swore off dying her hair a few years ago. I personally think there is something special about a woman who is brave and bold enough to embrace their natural hair color as they age. Terry is 61 years old and I think she is beautiful especially when we are both laughing at me taking a goofy windblown shot like this. I took this image on a beautiful but windy Sunday morning sitting by the Great South Bay in Babylon, NY with my iPhone 12 Pro Max in portrait mode. BTW you will rarely catch a glimpse of Terry without a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in her hand. I love you Terry 💕

Beneath the Hedgerow – In memory of Patricia Fogarty

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Spring Hedge

Church tower, daffodil and thatched cottage above the hedgerow . . .

A Devon spring morning.