Tiny One

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The daughter of good friends of ours kept herself entertained while her parents chatted with friends at our favorite coffee shop.










Snaps from a business trip III

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Fisherman: On my way around the lakes in Xiamen there are lots of fishermen trying their luck. I thought that the hipstamatic app did rather well for this rainy day shot

Hipstamatic App
iPhone X


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20180601-untitled shoot-Edit-2

Last Friday I attended a mini-concert by a popular Norwegian band Trang Fødsel. (Translation: Difficult Birth). At the end the Bass player got up on his bass to thank the crowd.

iPhone X

PP in Silver eFex Pro II


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2018 NYC March For Our Lives – iPhone 8 Plus – 1/700 @ f/1.8
Thank you Sir Paul for attending the march and being gracious with the crowd. It was a pleasure meeting you.

“You say you want a revolution well, you know we ALL want to change the world”…

“You say you got a real solution well, you know we’d ALL love to see the PLAN”

McCartney – Lennon

Chicago Chicago!!

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A few years ago I was attending a course at the Chicago Booth school of business. The hotel I stayed at was on the Magnificent Mile right next to the NBC tower. It was the warmest day on record for a few years and the sky just cried out polarised filter to me. However I only had my iPhone 4 with me the rest I did in post..

Rhythm in Vinyl

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Rhythm in Vinyl

Rhythm in Vinyl

During a recent trip to Nashville, TN I visited the Johnny Cash Museum.  I didn’t have my camera with me so I used only my iPhone to take pictures – I had no idea they would allow it!   Anyway, I loved the rhythm that the vinyl records, each framed in black, made along the wall.  The labels of course were very colorful and a shot in color was nice, but the rhythm was more dramatic when converted to black and white.   The reflections you see are from the opposing wall that had an equal number of vinyl records framed out the same way.

Whether you are interested in vinyl records, or not, you may enjoy a post on my personal blog: Robyn Graham Photography, that includes an image and a quote about the subject.