Black And White Photography, Cheryl, Photography

I was out searching for people moving in and out of shafts of light and was not having any luck. Just as I was about to give up he walked in front of me and the light highlighted his face. He saw me but I didn’t care.
Sony a7iii – 24-105mm

Street Portrait Chinatown NYC

Black And White Photography, Martha, Photography

One of my favorite things about street photography is the street portrait. This is a man in Chinatown, NY. I approached this man to ask if I could take his picture, only to find out he didn’t speak English. I was attracted to the face that showed so much character.  A smile and a non-verbal indication to the camera that I wanted to photograph him was all I needed. He smiled back and let me spend a few minutes photographing him. This is from that brief interaction on the streets of New York.

A Certain Glow – In memory of Patricia Fogarty

Black And White Photography, iPhoneography, Patti, Photography


Pointing the phone straight at the setting sun.  West Village.  NYC.