Goldfield NV

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100 Word Fiction

The town was founded around 1902, when gold was first discovered. Virgil Earp was sheriff in 1904, but didn’t last long. He died in 1905 from pneumonia. Some say he might have visited the Hoist House back then but that’s impossible, as the place wasn’t built till twenty years later. Just around the time I was born. Yes, I’m nearing the century mark. We’ve got big plans for my birthday in 5 years. If I make it. I tell everyone who asks that clean living and a drink a day is my secret. That and a cigarette just before bed.

Social Distance

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Louis at six feet

This portrait was made before my group of friends adapted to the concept of “social distancing”. It was just happenstance that Louis was sitting a bit more than the accepted six feet away from me. At that distance the 25mm (50mm equivalent) was the perfect portrait lens, and at f2.0 the background was thrown suitably out of focus to isolate the subject.

Since this image was made the group has had to forego our regular Friday night meetings. Damn virus.

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Olympus Pen F with Zuiko 25mm f1.8 lens processed in Snapseed.