Berthing Space

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Berthing Space on the USS Midway

During World War II, Navy sailors slept in “racks”, berthing spaces on their ship, 3ft x 6ft cots/bunks stacked 3 high. The space between the mat and the roof above your head for the bottom and middle bunk was approx. 30″. Some sailors would string up hammocks to sleep on in the ship. When it was too hot they would sleep on the deck of the ship.

And it was always too hot!

Approaching Storm King

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Storm King Arts Center © Steven Willard

I finally got around to visiting Storm King Arts Center, which is located just north of West Point, about an hour from New York City. It was well worth the trip.

Panasonic Lumix GX85 with the Leica designed 15mm f1.7 lens.

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Goodnight. Sleep tight.

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Bed frames on an abandoned ward at the hospital. The stuff where your imagination takes over and, nightmares begin.

Leica MP
Nikon 20mm f/2.8 AIS via Novoflex Lei/Nik adapter
Fuji Reala film shop developed home scanned
Scanned Epson V700
PP in Silver Efex Pro II