Watching The Parade

Photography, Black And White Photography, Joseph

Apparently this little guy is more concerned with his bubble solution. Taken at the 2022 Village of Babylon Pride Parade.

Empty Tracks

Black And White Photography, Don, Photography

The rail ties are old and need replacing. The rails are rusting. The trains are gone. And this bridge, while it still crosses some unknown creek in Arkansas, no longer feels the rhythm of the rails.

Getting Bitten

Photography, Black And White Photography, James

Scar House – Angram Walk

Grandson Mackenzie who has started taking up photography. He took a few with his old phone and when I discovered he wanted to take up the hobby I bought him a second hand Nikon D7000, which he loves. This is he taking a photo with his old phone on one of our hikes.

Ruins at Stony Creek

Black And White Photography, C.S. Young Jr., Photography
Stony Creek Ruins
Stony Creek Ruins

A turkey vulture stands guard atop an abandoned and decaying old house on a cross road in Stony Creek, located in rural Caswell County, North Carolina.


C. S.


Black And White Photography, David, Photography

Meet William. My first Grandchild . I think my cameras are going to have a bit of a workout in the next few years.

Leica Q2M
PP. CaptureOne 22