Back In Calgary

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Now this is is a real departure for me – I took a photo during the day!
Either way, I was about 5 minutes from home and these clouds looked amazing at sunset, and the Rockies looked much larger than usual off in the distance. I may be missing all the great street life of Toronto, but Calgary has some equally great natural landscapes nearby.

Spring Shower

Black And White Photography

wm e_RGP3802 bw

ss 1/80 f 5.0 ISO 800

Nikon D810 Nikkor 105mm 2.8

Note: The shallow depth of field resulted in the weeds in the foreground being out of focus.

This photograph was taken Sunday afternoon during a senior portrait session.  The forecast stated sun and clouds but no rain. However, about 10 minutes into the session the skies turned black and a very hard rain shower came through.  Fortunately there was a gazebo that we could take cover under.  As we talked about the senior’s future plans for college and a career, we listened to the rain and watched the geese, who had been honking at us angrily moments before, and the Mallard swim in the rain.  The shower lasted for about 15 minutes before the sun briefly graced us with her presence again.

I’ll be posting some shots from the portrait session on Instagram later this week.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram or at my personal blog: Robyn Graham Photography to see more of my work.

Far Far Away …

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I spent my New Year by the sea and walked during a long time on the beach.
It was so pleasant !

Oh chère mer,
Vois-tu le trou béant ?
Oui, là où se trouvait mon cœur.

Il n’y reste qu’un goût amer,
Laissé par mon tendre Océan,
Qui s’en est allé, me voila en pleure.

Oh dear sea
You see the gaping hole?
Yes, where my heart was.

There remains a bitter taste
Leave by my tender Ocean
Who is gone, here me crying.

Bench By The Sea

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20150221-untitled shoot-5-Edit-2

While in Denmark this last weekend I didn’t just take along my Hasselblad. I just can’t leave my Leica at home . This is  a shot taken at the local beach which is soft and sandy and just waiting for the summer weather to arrive.

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Bagpipe Player at Sunset

Black And White Photography, Photography
Bagpipe Player at Sunset

Bagpipe Player at Sunset

SS 100, f14, ISO 400

To learn more about this image and to see it in color, visit my personal blog: Robyn Graham Photography I’d love to know your thoughts on the black and white image compared to the color image.  Some might say sunsets are like flowers and they should be photographed in color…I believe they can be compelling and thought provoking in both color and black and white.  Thoughts?



Black And White Photography, David, Photography

20130615-untitled shoot

Now I’ll admit that Landscape shots are not what I’m good at. Those nice shots you see on chocolate boxes are great. With mine you’d have to give the chocolates away free. I have a mate who takes the most stunning landscapes. We live in Norway so it can’t be that hard..can it?  Well for me I’ve never cracked the code properly. I’ve read all the hints and tips, all the composition guides, waited for the light to be dramatic, and come home with nothing too exciting.  I think Landscape is just not my thing.

However having said that I do get the occasional shot that is worth a second glance like this one of the Sand buried church in the North of Denmark. Taken in late afternoon with my Nikon D800 and 24-70 lens then tweaked in Silver Efex Pro2.

I’ll just have to keep practicing :0)