Sands Of The Kalahari

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Well, to be honest, these are not actually the sands of the Kalahari. These are the sands of Death Valley. But I figure there isn’t much difference between the sands of South Africa and California. So why did I choose the title of a 1965 British film that I’ve never seen? Just liked the name I suppose.

I wonder if the film is any good?

Family of Birches

Black And White Photography, Photography, Steven

Birch family © Steven Willard

I have been keeping my eye on this copse of birches for several years, sometimes driving out of my way to see how the light was falling on them. Finally everything came together one late afternoon when the sun came streaming in beneath some grey clouds. I chose a longish lens to “compress” them, and am happy with the result. Persistence paid off

Pentax K5IIs with the Pentax 55-300 zoom. Processed in Snapseed.

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Murder in the Orchard

Black And White Photography, Photography, Steven

Murder in the Orchard,Bethlehem, Connecticut


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