Suburban Wetland

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Before heading back to the mountains of Southwest Virginia, I took a short walk on the Virginia Capital Trail. The Cap Trail is a 51.7 multi-use, fully-paved trail that runs from the City of Richmond, Virginia to James City County, near Williamsburg, Virginina. The goal is to add a 7 mile connector to the restored area of Colonial Williamsburg, as well as the College of William and Mary.

Part of the trail runs through a suburban wetland. Please follow the link for more information about the importance of preserving these spaces.


Shooting the Photographer

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I am out of town, helping to care for my father who has been in hospital. This image was taken of me by a friend a few weeks ago. Even thought it is not my work, I thought I’d share it since I’ve not been able to do any shooting. I mean, how often does the photographer get photographed?


Take a Left at the End of the Hall

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The McGuire Building, located at 1 Market Square in Roanoke, Virginia, was built in 1914 and housed W. E. McGuire’s Farmers’ Supply Co. that sold buggies, wagons, fertilizer, seed, and other farm-related equipment and supplies. Almost from the beginning the McGuire Building housed small restaurants and farmers’ booths on the first floor. One such place became a Roanoke staple, the Roanoke Weiner Stand, then called the Roanoke Weinnie Stand, started there in 1916. Initially renovated in 1983 to house Center in the Square and its cultural organizations, the 81,000 sq ft building was again renovated in 2013.


Comin’ Over The Hill

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Mobile Photography, Photography

It was foggy on my morning commute. My eye was drawn to the slightly mysterious scene. Just as I stopped the car to capture the image, a car topped the hill.