Coasts of the island of Sao Miguel

Black And White Photography, Charly, Photography

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Time Passes

Black And White Photography, Photography, Steven

Time passes © Steven Willard

I was standing in a light drizzle, struck by the impression that the picket fence represented time; how on the right, up close, it’s easy to see each day-if each picket equals one day, but as it recedes into the past (distance) the days blur into each other. Can you see what I mean? And the grave markers merge more and more into each other the farther into the past they are. Isn’t that how time seems to us? We know that a day is a day, but the farther into the past the smaller they appear, and the more they blend into one another, even though we know that each day was the same. Likewise, although the grave markers seem smaller, to the people present at the time they were placed, they represented loss on the same scale as the more recent ones. The fact that the markers seem smaller in the distance doesn’t mean the loved ones the markers represent were mourned for any less.

The older I get the longer the line of pickets that merge into one another. The fact that I have a hard time distinguishing one day in the past from another doesn’t mean they were less important, or that the people I can barely recall were less important to me then, time just does that. See what I mean?

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Olympus OMD EM5 with 20mm f1.7 Panasonic lens.

Achtung Baby

Black And White Photography, Joerg, Photography

“Achtung Baby” U2 Coverband live at the Kassel Old Town Festival. 16.06.2018.
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Shopping is cheaper than therapy

Black And White Photography, Han, Photography

Office Greeter

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Mobile Photography, Photography

I left the house on Thursday thinking “oh my goodness, I need to schedule a photo for Monochromia”.  This thought was quickly followed by “when am I going to be able to find time to do some shooting?”

Then I got to my office, jumped out of the truck, and saw this guy walking on the sidewalk in front of the door to my office.  Aren’t the patterns wonderful?  If you’d like to see the colors, visit my personal blog space and see the Instagram photo that I shared.

Aren’t turtles awesome?

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Black And White Photography, David Jensen, Photography


One of the gorillas at the Como Park zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota.  I can’t help wondering what he is thinking as we all stand around and stare at him as he stares back at us.

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A Hard Rain

Black And White Photography, Jane, Photography
Monochrome, Black and White, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge

A Hard Rain

Fujifilm X-T2 with the 35mm F/2 lens.


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Black And White Photography, Charly, Photography

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My barber, not me

Photography, Black And White Photography, Steven

My barber, Woodbury, Ct ©Steven Willard

I think barbers, like bartenders, must see just about everything. I didn’t know the guy getting the Mohawk haircut, but Tony has been cutting his hair for a few years. Turns out he’s a substitute teacher. Times have changed.

I Phone 5, and Snapseed.

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Town Crier – Camden Town / London

Black And White Photography, Joerg, Photography

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