Buggin’ Out

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For the past 2 months I have been going for 1 to 2 mile morning walks to get in a little exercise and also to clear my head. This morning while walking through my neighborhood I came across this VW Super Beetle. From the looks of the bumpers I believe this is a 1973 (which was the first year 5 mph bumpers were required). This Beetle brings back so many fond memories of my youth because in 1973 I purchased my first new car which was ironically a 1973 VW Super Beetle. For those of you that are not VW Beetle fans the Super Beetle featured a curved windshield, redesigned dashboard and a blower motor to control the heat output (very high end for a Beetle). Regular Beetle’s featured a flat windshield and the more conventional convection heating system. Both systems were still controlled by 2 levers in between the front seats but there was much less chance of your breath fogging up the front windshield on hot humid summer days and cold winter mornings. Photo was taken with my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Detail Of Left Hand

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Plaster Model Of Lincoln, Chesterwood, MA

Seen at the studio of Daniel Chester French  an American sculptor of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, best known for his design of the monumental statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Beauty’s Essence

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What gives us more joy than flowers? The color. The fragrance. The pure delight of a garden of blooms and blossoms of many hues massed together to pleasure our senses. But for all that, a single bloom brings forth a simple elegance that is to be appreciated in a quieter way. And when photographing that single flower, the very simplicity of a black and white image provides a totally different appreciation. We see the elegant curves of the blossom, the soft, velvety texture, the complete delicacy of its design. Without the color to distract us, we see the essence of the flower.

Composition of Compositions

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Lines in Marseille
Lines in Marseille

My wife’s an interior decorator, she would say this composition is “busy”.  Well, it’s definitely busy.  But that was my intent when I “saw” this shot.  My hope is, for the viewer to experience all the “scenes” or compositions contained within by navigating the lines, shapes and patterns.  The composition is looking down on Av. Vaudoyer, near the Promenade Robert-Laffont at the Port of Marseille, France.


C. S.