This Is What Happens When …

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… the work week has been so full that there has not been time to even think about taking a photo.  While walking towards the door of the office, fretting all the while about the lack of a photo for the blog, this little guy (gal?) appeared ahead on the sidewalk.

Out comes the cellphone, one quick shot, and it’s off to see patients.

Frankly, the colors of the shell are so pretty, that I wish I could share it in color.  Even still, isn’t nature amazing?


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Miradorio is Portuguese and means viewpoint. Here we are … over the old town quarter Alfama of Lisboa. In the back, you can see some portions of the river Tajo.

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Lan Su Chinese Garden

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Courtyard of Tranquility Vignette 3

Courtyard of Tranquility Vignette 3

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C. S.

Damsel In Distress

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The model is Terri Claire and the image was taken with a Fujifilm X-T2

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