One Good Tern…

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… deserves another.

These two Royal Terns were strolling along the beach together. They were in perfect step-for-step unison, black crowns swept back, beaks held high. Lookin’ good!

It was a fun photo, and I think all the more so finished in high key.

Westerhever Lighthouse

Andre, Black And White Photography, Photography

This is a quite iconic lighthouse at the German north-sea coast in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. It’s used in quite a lot of commercials. When used in commercials, there is usually not so much landscape in the frame.

Nowadays, the two houses beside the lighthouse are used for nature preservation purposes. Huge portions of the Wadden Sea are part of the National Park German Wadden Sea, founded in 1985. That National Park covers the costs of the North Sea of the German states Lower Saxony, Hamburg (since 2011), and Schleswig-Holstein and continues in Denmark (since 2014).

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