Frog On A Stick

Black And White Photography, Don, Photography
This little guy was no bigger than my thumb and just hanging around on this stalk of reed. It was taken one year in the late spring at Brazoria National Wildlife Preserve, one of a number of wonderful nature preserves along the Upper Gulf Coast of Texas. 

Fly Fishing

Black And White Photography, Don, Photography

Merrily in the brooklet clear,
Swim the bright fishes far and near,
– Friedrich Fröbel

Bennet Springs State Park in the middle of Missouri has a trout-stocked creek, and when the season opens it seems to be wall-to-wall fishermen. While this looks like two lone folks wetting flies in blissful solitude, outside the frame there are fly fishermen wherever one looks. 

Beauty’s Essence

Black And White Photography, Don, Photography
What gives us more joy than flowers? The color. The fragrance. The pure delight of a garden of blooms and blossoms of many hues massed together to pleasure our senses. But for all that, a single bloom brings forth a simple elegance that is to be appreciated in a quieter way. And when photographing that single flower, the very simplicity of a black and white image provides a totally different appreciation. We see the elegant curves of the blossom, the soft, velvety texture, the complete delicacy of its design. Without the color to distract us, we see the essence of the flower.

Withered Pennywort

Black And White Photography, Don, Photography

At one time this pennywort was elegant and beautiful. Alas, time has marched on, and the pennywort has felt its ravages. Now it is withered and marcescent and just so much detritus in the pond.

Party Palace

Black And White Photography, Don, Photography

No matter your celebration, make it party time at Taqueria Leon. Conveniently located down by the railroad tracks, I know this fine establishment would be perfect for your company party or your daughter’s quinceanera. You might look at this worn-out old place and think, “Oh my, not for me.” But somehow I suspect that the folks here have more fun than do the folks at the local country club.