tight climb!

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My last vacation with my wife and my grandson (nearly 6) surprisingly gave me the opportunity to explore an old wooden windmill, a so-called smock mill. A few years ago, I already was there, but wasn’t aware of the option, to tour the windmill. The souvenir shop held me away.

The windmill was initially built in 1706 and reconstructed after a fire in 1920/21. It’s still in use as a flour mill. In the basement of the windmill is a shop offering natural products as well as souvenirs. While in the shop, my grandson asked quite loudly (as kids of that age do), if he could go upstairs and see the inner parts of the windmill and the owner answered (instead of us), that it would be possible when paying an entrance fee and at least one of the adults would accomplish him. So, I’m glad, he was with us and talking that loud.

For a long, I wanted to visit an old windmill with my camera. It was fantastic to see, how everything was constructed. It was amazing to see all this old technology and that it remained the centuries and wars.

The windmill has 4 floors. All of them offer only very few free (unused) room to roam around. I even had to leave my backpack on the first floor to be able to climb up to the upper levels. While my wife and my grandson only claimed up to the second floor and were frightened to use the steep ladders further up, I made my way up to the top. Fortunately, no one else was there at the same time. The next visitors arrived on level 2 just when I came down again from level 3. In my image above, you can watch down the ladder connecting levels 2 and 3.

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Sysadmin Day 2022

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Today is Sysadmin Appreciation Day. Each last Friday of July.


Sysadmins are the guys making the IT world go round. They take care of the computers are up and running well. They are maintaining the (huge) networks inside and outside the companies. They are maintaining the internet backbone, the routers, and other network stuff, the software components, and the hardware.

This memorial day was created in 2000 to say THANK YOU to all sysadmins. I used to be a sysadmin for most parts of my working life. Therefore it’s important for me to do so. In general, the sysadmins are not appreciated for their work. Instead, they are often considered as hindering the work with all their regulations. But, all the rules are necessary for having a healthy and well-running network.

In our tiny Monochromia world, it’s Joe, who works much behind the scenes and makes sure, our guests get a high-quality and reliable experience. Thank you, Joe!

The other Thank You goes to the guys at Automattic for having brought the software and the platform to us.

Not mentioning, i.e. Tim Berners-Lee from CERN who invented the principles of WWW, and the other guys inventing UNIX and Linux, or those responsible for standardizing network protocols or bringing the internet to your end device either on your desk at home or company or in your hand.


More of my images can be seen on my own blog.