Black And White Photography, David Jensen, Photography


Sony DSC-RX 100M5, ISO 125, 25mm, f/4.0, 1/125 sec.

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Frankfurt – Kaiserstrasse

Black And White Photography, Joerg, Photography

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alakajay, Black And White Photography, Photography

National Harbour

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Photography

New Years Eve, National Harbour, MD

Coffee time

Black And White Photography, Photography, Steven

Coffee time, Camden, Me. © Steven Willard

This fellow reminded me of my dad. I don’t know if it was his time in the Army during WWII, the effects of the Great Depression, or maybe it’s just my imagination, but it seems to me that he and other folks of that era drank coffee in a more serious manner; almost like the devout drinkers one sees in neighborhood bars before lunch. I’d be interested to know what his reaction would be to Starbucks and other trendy coffee bars where one can spend more on a cup of coffee than he once earned in a day.

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Silo Reflection

Black And White Photography, Jane, Photography

Architecture, Industrial, Reflection, Monochrome, Black and White, Photography


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Black And White Photography, David Jensen, Photography


A brief moment by the lake before the cool breeze pushed back, then the moment was gone.  But, for that moment, an opportunity to commune with the Great Lake, to listen to the song of the waves, to be touched by fingers of wind as they move through her hair.  How many more of these moments exist for her, for any of us?

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The Bather

Black And White Photography, David Jensen, Photography


There’s something magical about playing with reflections.  When I took this photo, I knew I would be manipulating it to get this effect and I’m very pleased with the end result.  For me, the combination of the reflection of the statue and the grid work of the conservatory roof plus the texture of the bubbling water all come together to make the image successful.

Sony RX100 V, ISO 100, 21.39mm, f/2.8, 1/20sec, Lightroom CC

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It’s a Mystery

Black And White Photography


New York Public Library

That August Light

Black And White Photography, Photography