Fairy Dell

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Fairy Dell

This tiny copse of trees peering out of the fog is a local land mark, being visible for miles around. Known as ‘Fairy Dell’ it has a sinister side to it that most people aren’t aware of. For it is the burial place of the plague victims that killed many in our village, and those surrounding it hundreds of years ago. Few go there now and it has a ‘reputation’ of being haunted – although most folk have no idea why.

Palm Sunday Field

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The Old London Road

This is the Old London Road near the tiny village of Towton near York. On Palm Sunday 1461, during a fierce blizzard, two massive armies fought in these fields for the Crown of England.

28 Thousand men died on the day and probably that same amount of their injuries during the following days. The Crown changed hands that day with the new King being Edward IV. The fields are pretty much as they were on that fateful day 560 years ago, nothing has changed. It is a sombre place.

Happy Independence Day, Iceland!

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Leif Erikson in front of Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik

Independent from Denmark since June 17th, 1944.

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