a rolling museum

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During summer, this steam train rolls along an old track.

Once, this track was used to connect coal mines and steel plants with the industrial inland harbor from where the steel plants got the ore and the coal mined sent the coal. For several decades the track was closed, when a railroad museum got the idea to send one on their steam trains on the track again.

During summer you can meet the train on track at the first Sunday of the month. Additional driving days are in winter around St. Nick (Dec. 6th)

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Steam locomotive

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Canon 80D, 18-55mm lens
f14; ISO 100; 1/1000sec

Take The Train

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Kelso NV August 1, 2015 Fujifim X-T1 1/4000sec at f/1.4 ISO 200 23 mm (XF23mmF1.4R)

Kelso NV
August 1, 2015
Fujifim X-T1
1/4000sec at f/1.4 ISO 200
23 mm (XF23mmF1.4R)

Anyone who has read of my car troubles lately, here or on Photos By Emilio, probably thinks for me to take the train might be a good idea. Well, I tried to take it but there was this engineer who just wouldn’t leave long enough for me to attempt it! I know, not very funny but it’s the best I could do today! Sorry!

So Much To Love

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Elgin RR car-2

Elgin NV

“Grief is a Freight Train,
Oh what’s a little pain
When you’ve got so much to Love.”

Freight Train – Lyrics by Sara Jackson Holman – | MetroLyrics

This deserted boxcar was discovered on  a side rail of tracks just outside the ghost town of Elgin NV.

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