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This is a traditional sailing boat from the Baltic Sea. It’s usually about 10-metre-long. The wide-hulled sailing boat type is known as a Haffboot. The name is derived from the type of fishing gear used, known as a zeese. The sailing boat is designed for relatively protected, shallow waters. Today zeesenboote (plural) are mainly used for leisure sailing.

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What Clouds ? – In memory of Patricia Fogarty

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Clouds over Coney Island


After the long warm summer, a thin crowd potters at peace under the dark clouds of oncoming autumn along the boardwalk from Brighton Beach to Coney Island.

Toronto Architectural Abstract

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Adelaide St E Architectural Abstract 5 Monochrome

Adelaide St E Architectural Abstract 5 Monochrome

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C. S.


Mario, Meho, Photography


Still the cheapest way to feel this european mood for few days. And it’s North America, with a Canadian dollar that is worth nothing… 😦

ISO 320 – 16mm – f/8,0 – 1/1000
Scenes From The St-Laurent

The Best Of Monochromia – Mario Gervais – St. Paul West

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Many of you might remember Meho Jarvis better known by his real name Mario Gervais. Mario was instrumental in getting Monochromia up and running and is a true friend to me. Whatever name he wants to use it fine by me because I will always consider him an extremely talented photographer as well as great web page designer – Joe


Montréal – ISO100 – F2.8 – 1/60 – GIMP and G’MIC

Taken in Montréal, Québec, in April 2014.

I like the heavy urban presence here. Unmovable concrete, bricks and windows. Then we see in the middle of this stopped urban scenery two individuals following the one way.