A horse outside

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20181015-untitled shoot-27-edit

I shamelessly stole the title from the Rubberbandits (Look them up on YouTube. Not for the faint of heart). There really was a “horse outside” of the Guinness storehouse. Ready and willing to take well-healed and well lubricated tourists back into the city centre…
…We took a more traditional Taxi.

Nikon D800
Nikon 14-24 f/2.8G IF-ED AF-S
PP Silver Efex Pro II


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Still the cheapest way to feel this european mood for few days. And it’s North America, with a Canadian dollar that is worth nothing… 😦

ISO 320 – 16mm – f/8,0 – 1/1000
Scenes From The St-Laurent

Morning Magic

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Morning Sweetness

Morning Magic

ss 1/125  f 5.0  ISO 1000

This image is from a workshop I conducted through the Heritage Conservancy last weekend.  A group of 8 of us met at one of the Conservancy’s properties for a sunrise shoot.  The sun and sky weren’t quite as dynamic as I would have preferred, but coming across a field with this and two other beauties made the morning extraordinary.  Imagine the horses playing in the field while the sun was rising and the fog lifting.  It was magical!

I have to add that I thought it perfect that her mane was a little messy as though she was waking up with the sun. 😉

Time Clash



If you come to Quebec city, don’t forget to take the city tour by horse and carriage, by night or at sunset, it could be one of your best memories from this old garrison-walled city.

Oh! also, don’t forget to call me if you need a private city guide. It will be be real pleasure, there are beautiful terraces and good wine.