Racing Shadows

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Racers in the Bone Machine Crit race against each other and the setting sun in Portland OR.  Unlike most bikes you see on the road these are fixed gear bikes meaning that there are no gears, coasting or brakes.  You have to slow the pedals down to slow the bike down.  Imagine riding around a tight course with 70 other spandex clad racers at 25-30 mph for an hour.   The setting sun made things even more dramatic.  You can see more images from the race over on

The Best Of Monochromia – Wade Hewitt – Running Above The Clouds

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When Wade first contacted me about possibly becoming a Guest Contributor he sent me a link to his website. I clicked the link to his site and was immediately blown away by his work. I quickly contacted him and loaded his information into Monochromia before he could change his mind 🙂 He has been with us ever since and has provided us with a variety of awesome images – Joe


Mt Hood

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Mt Hood is one of the most majestic mountains I’ve ever seen.  Like other mountains Mt Hood likes to make it’s own weather and it can be difficult to get a good view of the peak.  Despite what it looks like, there is less snow and ice on the top than anyone can remember.

Banyan Tree

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It’s rare that you get a moment without people everywhere at Lahaina Banyan Court Park.  Getting up early does have some perks.  The tree was planted in 1873.  The banyan tree is the largest in Hawaii and one of the largest banyan trees in the U.S.  It’s aerial root system covers 0.66 acres.


More images of my Hawaii travels can be found on

Cyclocross – Dust, Sweat and Tears

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Believe it or not this what I call fun.  You wouldn’t know it by the classic “race face” but this is what some of us crazy cyclists call fun.  Cyclocross is a little known cycling discipline that is typically held in cold and muddy conditions, kind of like steeplechase on your bike.  Here a cyclist dismounts his bike and jumps over 18″ high barriers then back on the bike, all at full speed.  Being able to get this close to the action proved to be  good testing ground for the auto focus of my new camera.

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Cowboy Up!

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Cowboy Up!  Believe it or not you can find cowboys in L.A.  A ranch hand relaxes after a hard day’s work at Sunset Ranch Hollywood.  Out of Sunset Ranch Hollywood you can take horseback tours through Griffith Park with a view of the Hollywood sign.

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Catching Air

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Late day sun provides perfect lighting as a skateboarder, at the Venice Beach skatepark, catches one final air before the sun sets.

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