Catching Air

Black And White Photography, Photography


Late day sun provides perfect lighting as a skateboarder, at the Venice Beach skatepark, catches one final air before the sun sets.

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13 thoughts on “Catching Air

  1. I stay away from shooting birds and skate boarders. They change speed and direction too quickly for me! You’ve done an excellent job with this image; the focus, the processing. Now, let’s see what you can do with a landscape where nothing moves! 😉


      1. Forget it, Wade. Just my luck you’ll produce something that will put me to shame and Joe will finally realize any one can do what I do! That I’m replaceable!


  2. You caught me. 😉 While I love my Fuji I do borrow my wife’s DSLR for sports. Mirrorless cameras just can’t keep up with the focusing speed that I want for sports.


    1. I was only joking Wade as a matter of fact there is a website called “Things the X-Pro 1 can’t do” and they make fun of everyone who says Fuji can’t do this or that. Google it you’ll find it.


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