Fall in the Pacific Northwest

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I love the way the fog hangs in the trees in the Pacific Northwest.  I’ve been trying to capture a good shot for quite some time but finding the right fog to tree ratio isn’t as easy as it seems.  Hiking along Eagle Creek I finally got a good unobstructed view.  I can get lost in the layers of trees and fog.  SMB-Photo.com

Olympic Peninsula

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20161111-0n8a6708-editThe beaches in the Pacific Northwest are stunning and different from what I was used to in Southern California.  Up here the beaches are quite dramatic and change quickly.  This beach, at Kalaloch Lodge, changes daily.  The logs come and go with the tide.  One day the beach might be clear while the next it will be covered with logs.  Watching the logs come crashing in with the waves makes you think twice about getting close to the water.  See more pictures from my Olympic Peninsula trip on SMB-Photo.com

Kalaloch Tree Cave

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Along the Pacific Ocean on the Olympic Peninsula, you will find the majestic Kalaloch Tree Cave.  This majestic tree seems to defy gravity by doing the splits over a runoff channel that has exposed it’s root.  Despite the harsh environment the tree is doing quite well.  I however, got a bit wet trying to take this shot.  It was raining and I was crouching in the surf to get a better angle.  A wave snuck up behind me and almost swamped me and the camera.  I managed to get away with a wet foot and a good laugh.  If you look closely you can see the rain drops in the picture.  You can see more from my Olympic Peninsula reboot trip on the blog.  SMB-Photo.com

Racing Shadows

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Racers in the Bone Machine Crit race against each other and the setting sun in Portland OR.  Unlike most bikes you see on the road these are fixed gear bikes meaning that there are no gears, coasting or brakes.  You have to slow the pedals down to slow the bike down.  Imagine riding around a tight course with 70 other spandex clad racers at 25-30 mph for an hour.   The setting sun made things even more dramatic.  You can see more images from the race over on SMB-Photo.com

The Land That Time Forgot

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The waterfalls and thick forests of the Pacific Northwest have a way of reminding me where we came from.  It’s like sections were left as they were in the time of dinosaurs, or Sleestack if you are an old TV buff.  Thick mist hangs in the air encouraging the green moss to take over anything not moving.  This spot is below the popular Panther Creek Falls.  While there is a viewing platform at the top, you have to climb down two levels to see this beauty.

Grand St. Johns Bridge

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I’m fascinated with the grand nature of the St Johns bridge in Portland.  I was hiking with my dog when I saw this scene through the trees.  Luckily I had my phone.  I’ll need to go back with my other camera but the phone did this justice.