Olympic Peninsula

Black And White Photography


20161111-0n8a6708-editThe beaches in the Pacific Northwest are stunning and different from what I was used to in Southern California.  Up here the beaches are quite dramatic and change quickly.  This beach, at Kalaloch Lodge, changes daily.  The logs come and go with the tide.  One day the beach might be clear while the next it will be covered with logs.  Watching the logs come crashing in with the waves makes you think twice about getting close to the water.  See more pictures from my Olympic Peninsula trip on SMB-Photo.com

5 thoughts on “Olympic Peninsula

  1. Great image Wade 🙂 The beaches on Long Island are very different also. The North Shore beaches (Long Island Sound) have very coarse sand with small rocks mixed in. Its also has a rocky coast line and cliffs. The South Shore beaches (Fire Island) have very fine powder type sand no rocks and occasional driftwood washes up from the Atlantic Ocean. The Fire Island beaches very picturesqe are similar to the California or Florida beaches. Awesome work.


    1. Thanks Joe. You also have the Jersey Shore with it’s display of …….. 😛 It’s fun to see all the different beach styles as they vary so much across the country, or even up the same coast.

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