Kalaloch Tree Cave

Black And White Photography


Along the Pacific Ocean on the Olympic Peninsula, you will find the majestic Kalaloch Tree Cave.  This majestic tree seems to defy gravity by doing the splits over a runoff channel that has exposed it’s root.  Despite the harsh environment the tree is doing quite well.  I however, got a bit wet trying to take this shot.  It was raining and I was crouching in the surf to get a better angle.  A wave snuck up behind me and almost swamped me and the camera.  I managed to get away with a wet foot and a good laugh.  If you look closely you can see the rain drops in the picture.  You can see more from my Olympic Peninsula reboot trip on the blog.  SMB-Photo.com

7 thoughts on “Kalaloch Tree Cave

  1. This is an awesome image Wade its amazing the tree is doing so well 🙂 You have to watch those sneaky waves Wade. My wife and I along with a couple of friends were walking on the sand at Jones Beach one evening after dinner and a wave snuck up on my wife. She jumped so fast that her shoe got stuck in the sand and came off and out to sea it went never to be seen again. Wonderful work.

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