Racing Shadows

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Racers in the Bone Machine Crit race against each other and the setting sun in Portland OR.  Unlike most bikes you see on the road these are fixed gear bikes meaning that there are no gears, coasting or brakes.  You have to slow the pedals down to slow the bike down.  Imagine riding around a tight course with 70 other spandex clad racers at 25-30 mph for an hour.   The setting sun made things even more dramatic.  You can see more images from the race over on

9 thoughts on “Racing Shadows

  1. Sad to say, my racing days are over. Actually, my racing days never began. I never raced a day in my life. But if I wanted to, they’d be over before they ever started! 🙂 Great work, Wade.


    1. Thanks Joe. That was one of my first action tests with my wide angle lens. It had been relegated to waterfalls until then. Now it’s been unleashed. Wide is the new black.

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    1. Thanks Jen. The skill that these guys have riding that fast with no brakes is impressive. I like to watch but feel that brakes and gears were pretty good inventions that should be used.

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