Ballerina Box

Black And White Photography, Photography


Canon 1100D, 70-200mm lens
f2.8; ISO 800; 1/640sec

This is a shot from the Joburg Theatre’s production of Cinderella. See my blog for more of my images.

Running Above The Clouds

Black And White Photography, Photography

20141219-0N8A148420141220-EditEnjoying some quiet time running above the fog and clouds in the Santa Monica mountains.  Even in LA you can easily escape the hustle and bustle of the city and clear your head.

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Cyclocross – Dust, Sweat and Tears

Black And White Photography, Photography



Believe it or not this what I call fun.  You wouldn’t know it by the classic “race face” but this is what some of us crazy cyclists call fun.  Cyclocross is a little known cycling discipline that is typically held in cold and muddy conditions, kind of like steeplechase on your bike.  Here a cyclist dismounts his bike and jumps over 18″ high barriers then back on the bike, all at full speed.  Being able to get this close to the action proved to be  good testing ground for the auto focus of my new camera.

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