Live From Central Park

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The Day the Music Died

Black And White Photography, Cyndie, Photography

G Sharp #

Black And White Photography, Photography, Rico Rodriguez


G Sharp #

A7 MkII / 55mm Zeiss



Ballerina Box

Black And White Photography, Photography


Canon 1100D, 70-200mm lens
f2.8; ISO 800; 1/640sec

This is a shot from the Joburg Theatre’s production of Cinderella. See my blog for more of my images.

The Power of Music

Black And White Photography, Elina, Photography


Music sure is a powerful thing and I feel like it has saved me many times in my life.

Smoke Break

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Photography


The guitar player’s face was so expressive and I had fun taking photos of him.  But it was the curl of smoke from his cigarette that stole the show for me.

Party At The Barberstation, With Live Music From The Nondesju Show

Black And White Photography, Han, Photography


After Midnight

Black And White Photography, Joseph, Photography


Fujifilm X-T1 and Fujinon XF 60mm f/2.4 R Macro Lens – 1/10 @ f/8.0 – ISO 200

“After midnight, were gonna let it all hang out” – Eric Clapton

For a color version of this image visit – X-tended Vision

Music Of Life

Black And White Photography, Photography


“… we are challenged every day to say yes to the movements of life, to see it all through, without pause, staying in relationship to the music of life and each other, adjusting as we go, not knowing what will happen next. Yet even out of tune, this messy and magnificent practice, so essentially human, will let us hear—briefly—the music of the Universe being the Universe. To hear this larger music while grinding out the small music of our lives is what sages of all traditions have called glimpsing eternity.”

–Mark Nepo “Without Pause,” poet, philosopher, and author on the lessons of life offered by Oscar Wilde and Beethoven.

*source – Parabola Magazine