Cowboy Up!

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Cowboy Up!  Believe it or not you can find cowboys in L.A.  A ranch hand relaxes after a hard day’s work at Sunset Ranch Hollywood.  Out of Sunset Ranch Hollywood you can take horseback tours through Griffith Park with a view of the Hollywood sign.

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17 thoughts on “Cowboy Up!

  1. Ohh, I love it, it looks like from a movie, James Dean in Giant. It is a scene a European only knows from TV, he never sees it life. Cowboys a myth. Very cool. This is a Photo I would hang on the wall of the livingroom in a real big size. Perfect.

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    1. Thanks for the compliment. I’ve just recently started printing out some of my photos. The feeling of seeing something actually framed is great. I know it’s the digital era but I’m sure I would have loved the process of developing my own film and making prints.


  2. What an excellent image, Wade. It evokes so much emotion and a sense of history, yet obviously modern with the cell phone. Love much of the cowboy culture


  3. This is a beautiful image Wade 🙂 You were able to hold a lot of detail in the shadow area for such a dynamically illuminated scene. Great work 🙂


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