In Full Decay

Black And White Photography, Emilio, Photography

Week 2Please click on the image to view a high res version.

This image has appeared twice already- on November 5 and just this past Sunday, November 9 as part of Robyn G’s One Four Challenge– one image processed 4 different ways and posted, one each week through November. As soon as I chose the image I sat down and did 6 different takes on it. I like the b & w version so thought I’d use it here. Joe, I hope you don’t mind!

Please visit Photos By Emilio to view the color versions!

34 thoughts on “In Full Decay

    1. Thanks, Louise! Funny, I would love to just wander around the UK, camera in hand. I’m finding that most of my photos are of the same type lately, decaying structures or rusty old vehicles!


    1. Sorry to hear that, David! Some people say exercise helps slow down decay. I would suggest every day, at least once or twice an evening, lift a glass of whiskey to your health!


    1. Thank you! The metadata doesn’t show up on here but it was not a long exposure. It was a very bright day. Those were the actual clouds and they barely show up in the SOOC image!


    1. I’m enjoying how much people are commenting on this b & w. Thanks, Raewyn. The consensus is that this image works best in b & w. I have to agree!

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    1. Thanks, Sue. Sometimes b & w IS the best interpretation of am image. Though I like the color versions I came up with, they just seem too pretty for stressing or accentuating the abandonment and decay.

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