In The Distance

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I took this shot on the morning of 8/7/21 on Tilghman Island, Maryland. We had just returned from grocery shopping, parked the car in the carport and were ready to unload. It was our usual beautiful morning sky. By the time I got to the back of the car the sky these clouds appeared. I was lucky that I had a camera over my shoulder as things were changing rapidly.

brave the storm

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today, 10 years ago

Ten years ago I was on Helgoland for the first time. It’s an island located in the North Sea, quite remote. It takes about 2 hours to sail with the ferry to reach the island. I took this image on the last day of our stay. The next day the ferry has brought us back to the mainland. You can see, a past storm cracked the thick wall of the harbor. Now, the water can play with the remains.

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