The Basin

Black And White Photography, Kirk, Photography

the basin-1

This image was made this spring during a workshop I led. Rain added to the runoff so the Basin along Rt. 93 in NH. was getting quite full. Shooting waterfalls is fun but can be kind of hairy when the water is flowing rapidly. this location is quite safe however.

Summer Bench

Black And White Photography, Kirk, Photography


The early morning light provides an interesting shadow as Rockport’s Moftif #1 is in the background. Leica M-P 240 w/21 mm SA 3.4

The Upper Window

Black And White Photography, Kirk, Photography


This window looks out over Rockport Harbor. It is at the very top of Motif #1 and is the office hangout of a good friend of mine. It’s an amazing treasure trove of interesting artifacts.

Freezing Gull

Black And White Photography, Kirk, Photography

Thacher Island in Sea Smoke #3

Sea smoke happens at least once a year here on Cape Ann when the ocean water is warm (mid 40’s) and the air is in the minus digits. This image was made last year or the year before I’m not sure. All I remember is it was the coldest I’ve been in a while at -9 degrees F.

Radio Flyer

Black And White Photography, Kirk, Photography


Quite often I roam around with my Dad’s old Leitz 21mm Super Angulon from 1963 on my Leica M-P 240. It’s a beautiful lens that has been CLA’d by Mr. Yi here in MA. Unfortunately or fortunately which ever way you look at it I only shoot in monochrome jpg with this lens because of the magenta fringing that happens on the edges of the frame. This is because the rear element is to close to the sensor. You can see in the image above the vignetting on the edges. This does not bother me that much as the image has an interesting look to it. I was thinking of William Eggleston’s image and felt it needed an update!

Dinghy, Sorrento Maine

Black And White Photography, Kirk, Photography


A couple of years ago I helped a friend bring his 36′ Morgan back from Maine. As I waited on the dock for him to bring it in I was enthralled by the stillness of the early morning and the incredible reflections happening everwhere. Magical is the only word to describe it. Another morning in paradise.