Astoria-Megler Bridge

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The Astoria–Megler Bridge is a steel cantilever through truss bridge in the northwest United States that spans the lower Columbia River, between Astoria, Oregon, and Point Ellice near Megler, Washington. Opened 53 years ago in 1966, it is the longest continuous truss bridge in North America

Riding the Storm Out

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Photography


This was the sky that met me as I left the beach on the bike a couple weeks ago.  Even though the rain threatened (and eventually soaked me), I could not resist stopping to take the shot.

Motel Slots Cafe

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Early morning breakfast on US Route 50 in blissful ignorance of its fame as the Loneliest Road in America.

This is the Border Inn, where accommodation is in Utah while the bar and slots are in Nevada!

I Swear …

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Photography

… this is not an ad!

I Swear.....

I Swear…..

I’d just returned home from my trip to Kentucky, and had spent the previous 3 hours riding in the rain.  The light, and the shadows, and the raindrops on the windshield, stopped me in my (very wet, dripping )tracks.  My bike was dripping, too,  but it had brought me home safely and that, my friends, is all that really matters.

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