Riding the Storm Out

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Photography


This was the sky that met me as I left the beach on the bike a couple weeks ago.  Even though the rain threatened (and eventually soaked me), I could not resist stopping to take the shot.

9 thoughts on “Riding the Storm Out

  1. Ziiiinngg, Boomdee zooms in to be the first to arrive and the crowd roars, LOL No crowds here, looks perfect and peaceful LB! Is this lake pretty shallow? Looks to be some grassy spots peaking out of the water. I love that pier and how you can slide a canoe in. xK


      1. Visited the link, thanks for sharing it. Sounds so awesome. I’ve actually heard of Nags Head. Maybe via Kennedy stories? Motion sickness isn’t a stretch when your ‘windmilling’ a paddle for a long period of time infront of your face, do you think that’s what did it? Or was it too rough on the water? xK


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