Trinity Church

Black And White Photography, Photography, Steven

Trinity Church, Milton, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I don’t think one has to be religious to appreciate the design of Trinity Church located in the hamlet of Milton, Connecticut. Designed by architect Oliver Dickson, construction of this Greek Revival church was begun in 1802 and completed in 1826. The church houses an organ that was installed in 1823, making it one of the oldest in New England.

Olympus OMD-EM1MkII with 12-40mm f2.8, processed in Snapseed.

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That time of year

Black And White Photography, Photography, Steven

Snow Fence, Woodbury, Ct © Steven Willard

Early morning after a snow storm. I don’t think the fence was intended to hold back snow, but I liked the look.

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New England Sparse

Black And White Photography, Photography, Steven

One Side, Roxbury, Ct © Steven Willard

A quick stop on the way home from work; drawn to the sparse New England architecture.

Olympus Pen F with Zuiko 25mm f1.8 lens.

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The Calm Before The Storm, New England, USA

Alakajay, Black And White Photography, Photography


I find the New England states in the North East of the US most attractive in the fall months. Our recent trip up to Newport unfortunately turned up soggy and not the best weather for enjoying fall foliage. However, Newport for me, never fails to enthrall no matter what time of the year maybe bar summer when the traffic just gets to me.

Small Town Snow

Black And White Photography, Photography

Nighttime snowfall, Village Green, Hamilton, New York

A right of passage for many high school juniors is the Spring Break college visit trip. And so it was for me and my daughter last March. Instead of heading south to warmer temperatures, we headed north, ultimately reaching Maine. And along the way we encountered dropping temperatures, a frozen Lake Champlain in Vermont, and of course, snow.

This night, snow fell silently on the small town of Hamilton in upstate New York. A quintessential New England town, there is a 1925, Dutch-colonial style inn that anchors the Village Green, and it is from a balcony there that I took this shot. I didn’t have a tripod, but I had a wooden railing, which served admirably.

This is one of my favorite images from the 8-day, 10-state, 11-school, 1850-mile trip. And my daughter? She wants to go to school in California.

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October Road

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oct rd

“Well I’m a going back down
Maybe one more time,
Deep down home,
October road.”
~ James Taylor

I’m a bit obsessed with autumn, it’s my favorite season here in New England. For a peek at some fall color, come on over and visit me on my personal blog – Licht Years.

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