Small Town Snow

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Nighttime snowfall, Village Green, Hamilton, New York

A right of passage for many high school juniors is the Spring Break college visit trip. And so it was for me and my daughter last March. Instead of heading south to warmer temperatures, we headed north, ultimately reaching Maine. And along the way we encountered dropping temperatures, a frozen Lake Champlain in Vermont, and of course, snow.

This night, snow fell silently on the small town of Hamilton in upstate New York. A quintessential New England town, there is a 1925, Dutch-colonial style inn that anchors the Village Green, and it is from a balcony there that I took this shot. I didn’t have a tripod, but I had a wooden railing, which served admirably.

This is one of my favorite images from the 8-day, 10-state, 11-school, 1850-mile trip. And my daughter? She wants to go to school in California.

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30 thoughts on “Small Town Snow

  1. Wonderful atmosphere in this shot. You’d have thought living in Norway I’d be used to snow. However as I write this it’s just cold out with no snow.


    1. Thanks, David. I can imagine that you in Norway and Mike in Canada see your fair share of the white stuff. Living near Washington, DC, we tend to fall on the dreaded rain/snow line, which usually amounts to what the weather forecasters like to call a “wintry mix” – icy stuff which can be pretty, but impossible to drive in and knocks out power lines all the time!


      1. Seems like I have a reputation to uphold. Cary Grant once told an interviewer “Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant.” Well, I don’t know about everyone else but I’d sure like to be Emilio!

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  2. I think snow + photography often make for some magical images šŸ™‚ This is a beauty, Stacy! I really like the snow falling against the street lamp – the motion is excellent. Now, as I live in one of the most snowy and cold parts of Canada, I absolutely hate the stuff after a few weeks of walking/driving in it!!


  3. California – cant take pictures of snow in California šŸ™‚ … Beautiful and you didn’t have to stray too far out into the cold so that’s a perfect combination – I love the slower shutter speed highlighting the heavy fall of snow which just ices this picture-perfect town just right. Even though I am sure it was freezing outside, this photo makes me want to hop right into it and explore and leave a footprint impression in the snow!


    1. Yeah, California – I couldn’t give up the change of seasons; I love the fall too much! Anyway, time will tell …

      Thanks for your comments on the photo, Karen. Hamilton really is a wonderful town – small (population 3000), friendly, tucked away in the middle of nowhere. The snowy scene just made the trip all the more memorable. I was so excited it turned out šŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks, Emilio! Though sometimes the big, blustery snows are fun every once in a while too šŸ™‚ I love how life is forced to slow down when that happens. Now, that being said, I’m not hoping for that this winter, at least not before I get on a plane headed to warmer climes for year’s end!


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