Peet’s Coffee & Tea

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Woman in window of coffee shop

Washington, DC

Making my way to the subway after photographing a political rally, I first saw the light and then I saw the woman. It was a welcome sense of calm after the protest. Love the surprises that street photography offers!

In Search Of

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Young Male Orthodox Jews in Grand Central Station NYC

Grand Central Station, NYC

These two young Orthodox Jews had a goal in mind, but what it was, I don’t know. I did see them approach and speak with one gentleman, whose arms they then proceeded to wrap with some kind of ribbon. If anyone can shed some light on what might have been going on, I’d sure be interested in finding out.

Signs of the Times

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Wheelchair-pound protestor at Trump International Hotel Washington DCProtestors, Trump International Hotel Washington DC

November 8th can’t come soon enough for me. Four days and counting …

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Into the Light

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Shaft of sunlight highlights woman's face at Grand Central Station, NYC

Grand Central Station, New York City

Grand Central holds the promise of so many photographic opportunities. I loved spending time there with Joe, Terry, Laurie, and Robyn before making our way to  meet Patti in Central Park!

There wasn’t an abundance of sunlight in the terminal while we were there, but then I saw this beautiful shaft of light appear. I quickly positioned myself by the staircase, exposed for the highlights, and waited for the “right” person to walk into it. I was not disappointed.

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On The Road!

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Union Station DC running travelerUnion Station, Washington, D.C.

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date …

When this posts, it’ll be just a few hours away from the Monochromia meet-up in New York City! Save me a seat at the bar, guys and gals 😃

Photographers Welcome!

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Photography Encouraged sign in art museum

Spied this wonderful message stenciled on walls within the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. I thought this was a particularly appropriate photo to post this week, as in just a few days, I’ll be traveling to New York City for a two-day street photography workshop followed by the much-anticipated Monochromia blogger meet-up for the weekend! A week immersed in photography in the Big Apple making new friends and meeting up with old is my definition of “woo-hoo”! Catch you all on the flip side 🙂

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Police horses tethered outside Cold Stone Creamery, Venice BeachVenice Beach, California

Here I was, sitting with my husband waiting for our pasta dinners at an Italian sidewalk cafe just a few blocks from the Venice Beach Fishing Pier when he exclaimed “Hey, check this out. Here come some mounted police.” Sure enough, clip-clopping down the center of W. Washington Boulevard were two policemen on horseback. “Who would have thought in Venice Beach,” I said, and turned back to the table. “Here come a few more,” he said. And as we watched, all five walked their horses up to the Cold Stone Creamery, dismounted, and leaving one officer holding the reins to all five, four walked into the ice cream shop. “I have to get this!” I exclaimed. “Go, go, go,” he said.

So I grabbed my camera, ran across the street, and began shooting. I wasn’t the only one. People stopped with their cellphones to take photos of the police and their horses. More interested in getting the shot that included the storefront, I shot from the “rear view,” making sure I didn’t hold up any traffic.

In today’s heated social climate, I spoke to the officers afterwards and thanked them for their service. They were so very grateful, confessing they didn’t hear that often. This is not meant as any kind of political commentary; I simply wanted to acknowledge them.

Finished shooting, I went back to the table and my husband, who told me that, according to our waiter, these officers used to go to the Starbucks a few doors down; deciding instead that smoothies were healthier, they made Cold Stone their new coffee break stop. Caloriewise, I’m not so sure of their reasoning unless they were loading up on java chip frappuccinos, but hey, this is after all, Los Angeles and somehow the idea of smoothie-drinking police officers just seemed to fit. As for the horses? Yeah, I’m still surprised by that. Perhaps I should have titled this post “Only in L.A.”


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Paddleboats and Memorials

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Paddleboaters on Tidal Basin in front of Jefferson MemorialTidal Basin, Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Enjoying a refreshingly cooler summer day in DC, my husband and I decided to do something we had never done in our 36 years in the area: we donned orange lifejackets and paddled around the Tidal Basin. From the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial to the FDR Memorial and finally to the Jefferson, it took us an hour. Despite thinking an hour wasn’t going to be long enough, it was just right to make the rounds of the Basin (and get in a good workout!).

Capturing a decent shot of other paddle boaters was much more difficult – trying to maneuver our boat while others were maneuvering theirs while attempting to get a clear shot of the monument with minimal camera blur took some patience and quite a bit of luck. This was the best shot and a fun remembrance of the day.

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