Signs of the Times

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Wheelchair-pound protestor at Trump International Hotel Washington DCProtestors, Trump International Hotel Washington DC

November 8th can’t come soon enough for me. Four days and counting …

For more photos from this protest, visit

18 thoughts on “Signs of the Times

  1. Oh sister, I cannot wait til this disaster of an election season is over.
    I’m just hoping, hoping, hoping that we wake up smiling with relief!
    Thanks for sharing those who protested DT.


    1. My prophesy is that very few will wake up smiling tomorrow. No matter the outcome, I don’t think it will be accepted without more rhetoric. The Trump campaign has already filed a lawsuit against certain Nevada voting sites for allegedly keeping the early voting sites open past their closing times. The argument is that the people were already in line by closing time.


  2. After this election it will give half the American public something to complain about for the next four years Stacy 😀 It a never ending cycle. We should be like the U.K. where they are only campaign for one month before the election. Great image and I love the sticker on the wheelchair it’s so true.

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