16 thoughts on “Best Of Monochromia – Into The Light

    1. Oh, Helen, what an incredibly kind message you left. I wish I could report that I’m back, but in fact, I’ve relinquished my spot as a main contributor on Monochromia to become instead one of its guest contributors, meaning I may occasionally fill post spots on an as-needed basis. This post, as with all the “Best of” posts, was chosen and published by Joe. Thank you, my friend, for your uplifting message. It means more than you can know. 💕

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      1. I wish you the best no matter what you do. You’ve already given us so much; I already can not thank you enough.
        With that said, whenever you decide to come back, I want to be the first one in line to welcome you (I will fight for that first spot! Ha. ;-). Have a Healthy and Happy 2017, Stacy.


  1. Thank you, Joe and Laurie, for choosing this image! It is, hands down, my favorite of the year and thus perfect that it is also the culmination of my role as a main contributor to “Monochromia.” It’s been such an honor these past few years to be part of this amazing group of photographers. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity and for the welcomed challenge to better my skills in the wonderful photographic world of black and white. I look forward to my new role as a guest contributor!

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    1. Its a phenomenal image Stacy and although I am sad to see you leave your role as Main Contributor I do understand that its difficult to keep up with the demands of posting extraordinary images every week. I look forward to your upcoming posts as a Guest Contributor and your time with us has been an absolute pleasure 🙂

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      1. Oh, Joe, you are such a delight. I’m honored to call you my friend. My role may be diminished but I am definitely “around” and you better believe I will still be making trips to NYC for more meetups! 🎉📷


    2. It’s an incredible image and means even more knowing that we were all there together when you took it.
      What a gift Monochromia has been to us all!


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