Into the Light

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Shaft of sunlight highlights woman's face at Grand Central Station, NYC

Grand Central Station, New York City

Grand Central holds the promise of so many photographic opportunities. I loved spending time there with Joe, Terry, Laurie, and Robyn before making our way to  meet Patti in Central Park!

There wasn’t an abundance of sunlight in the terminal while we were there, but then I saw this beautiful shaft of light appear. I quickly positioned myself by the staircase, exposed for the highlights, and waited for the “right” person to walk into it. I was not disappointed.

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28 thoughts on “Into the Light

    1. Thanks, Joe! I have to admit I was getting a little frustrated with my ability to find interesting shots that morning … and then this happened 🙂 And, yup, can’t wait either. Still going though withdrawal from all the fun!


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