Wooded Pathway

Black And White Photography, David Jensen, Photography


Summer has passed us by, autumn is shedding her brilliant cloak and I wander along a pathway that leads to the coming winter.

Canon 5D S, Tamron 10-24mm, processed in Silver Efex Pro.


Andre, Black And White Photography, Photography

People along the coasts try to save the beaches from getting lost during storms. So, the try to break the water streams by putting wooden piles in the sand.

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Andre, Black And White Photography, Photography

When standing on the beach and watching the waves rolling in you can every now and then find things. In the surf, you can find stones, shells, algae or other sea plants and even human waste. At the same time, the surf washes away footprints or any other mark in the sand. Heavier waves are able to form the beach and even the coastline anew. This happens usually during the winter storms.

Two and a half weeks ago, a new year started. A new year comes to us just like the waves on the ocean. Some waves are small others are bigger and some even might be shaking the foundations of life. You won’t know in advance what the year will bring to your life. You also won’t know in advance, what it will take from you. But, you have to take it and you have to cope with the changes.

So, I wish you a happy new year and may a gentle warm wind strengthen your back and dry up the tears remaining from the past year.

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A rose blooming in the winter

Andre, Black And White Photography, Photography

You know, I’m living in the northern hemisphere. And you also know, it’s currently winter here and it will last about 6-8 weeks until the first snowdrops or crocuses will pop up. So, why do I post an image with a blooming plant?

It’s a Christmas rose, also known as snow rose. It’s called that name because its blooming time is around Christmas. This plant stands in our front garden and is blooming every year. A few years ago, my wife planted two small Christmas roses, side by side in our front garden. Although both looked the same, one of them seemed to be weaker than the other and developed poorly over time. Unfortunately, it vanished some time ago. The other one, instead, developed fantastically. Each year it has more blossoms than in the year before. It’s always a pleasure to see the fresh blossoms either between the other, seemingly dead, plants or snow (when we have some).

I took the image on December 30th at noon three years ago. That’s usually a bad time for taking photographs because of the bad quality of light at (around) noon. But, in winter, when the sun is low above the horizon, she gives a beautiful, warm and soft light even around noon. Days are short now. Winter solstice or midwinter is next week. Sunrise is late and sunset early. Thus, fresh green or fresh blossoms are very welcomed.

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10 years ago

Andre, Black And White Photography, Photography

Yesterday, I published a post in my own blog on the same topic and with a color version of this image. I know, not everyone loves images with a frame or a vignette. But, in this case, I like it very much.

The image is taken 10 years ago when we got plenty of snow in just a couple of hours. The snow layer is approximately half a meter thick. And nowadays that’s a very rare situation. So, for my experience, this memory feels like looking at an image taken by one of my ancestors.

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Autumn Fog

Black And White Photography, Cheryl, Photography

Taken early one Sunday morning on Route 33 between St. Michaels and Tilghman Island on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.
Fuji x-T3 with 18-135mm zoom