narrow angle of view

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This image is taken with a full-frame camera and a very old 100mm projector lens: fixed focal lens, fixed aperture of 2.8, no AF, no stabilzer, only a front-lens, and fosussing is done by pulling the front lens out of the cubus or push it back in.

When looking at the lens, you might think, it’s simply crap. But the results are great.

More of my images can be seen on my own blog.

I little patch of paradise.

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Buzz1024Practicing again with Macro tubes in the most perfect location in Glasgow, Scotland. Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens are stunning for this stuff with such a wide range of wildlife and flowers, and it’s beautiful too.

Light and Shadow

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LaurieFlower (1 of 1)

My WordPress journey began as a chronicle of my life and travels on the bike.  The bigger, planned trips, and the smaller, more spontaneous ones.  As I ride along, I never know when something is going to catch my eye, and inspire me to pull over.

Sometimes I work hard to capture what I see and sometimes I get lucky and the first shot just works.  Other than conversion to B&W, this image is exactly as it was when it came out of the camera.

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One forgotten post. This was the post I thought I’d posted last week. This new WP editor played a trick on me. Apologies to Joe whom does such a great job on this site.

Anyway here it is a picture of one of me favourite flowers.
taken with…
…Nikon Z6
Borrowed Sigma 105mm macro f/2.8 Ver.1
PP. Silver Efex Pro II