The Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

Black And White Photography, Photography, Rico Rodriguez


The most incredible hotel lobby I have ever seen. This was shot handheld on a Sony A6000, What a camera.

A New York State of Mind

Black And White Photography, David Jensen, Photography


I’ve had New York on my mind lately as my wife wants to attend a writing conference there in February.  Although I would not be attending the conference, I would look forward to meeting with other members of Monochromia and doing a bit of photography in the city.  My last visit was in July of 2011 and I had only five hours to take in as much as possible.  This time I would have several days to explore and, hopefully, have knowledgeable guides to show me around…hint, hint!

Entrance Around Side

Black And White Photography, David Jensen, Photography


The abandoned I 94 Cafe, located just off the interstate, somewhere near Bismark, North Dakota.  I’ve been spending a lot of time driving around North Dakota lately, but haven’t had the time to stop and capture many of the sights that have caught my eye.  I’m planning to take a week or so next year and explore northwestern Minnesota and the Dakota’s at harvest time when there are so many opportunities for contrasting colors.  I also discovered that due to the flat nature of the area, the sunsets last much longer than they do in the part of Minnesota I live in.

More of my images can be found on my personal photo blog.

The Church of Bones

Black And White Photography, Photography


Canon 80D, 18-55mm lens
f4.5; ISO 3200; 1/160sec

The Sedlec Ossuary (or ‘Church of Bones’) is a spectacular work of art located in Kutna Hora, in the Czech Republic.  The inside of the church is dramatically adorned by the bones of more than 40,000 human skeletons, which have been arranged in various structures.  Above is the church’s coat of arms, which was originally the crest of the Schwarzenberg family.