The Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

Black And White Photography, Photography, Rico Rodriguez


The most incredible hotel lobby I have ever seen. This was shot handheld on a Sony A6000, What a camera.

The Lone Cypress

Black And White Photography, Photography
The Lone Cypress

The Lone Cypress

SS 1/25 second, F 8, ISO 500

I was fortunate to spend last weekend at Pebble Beach with my husband, watching golf in sunny, glorious 75 degree weather while all of my friends on the East were shoveling in frigid temps!  Warm hugs to all of you – and don’t worry, I wasn’t left out on the cold weather experience, as soon as arrived home to single digit temperatures it began to snow.

The tree in the picture is “The Lone Cypress”- the tree you see on the Pebble Beach Golf Links logo.  I took the shot just as the last rays of sun were sinking below the horizon.  You’ll notice in my settings that I used a long exposure. I wanted to freeze the water (bottom left is most evident). It was windy so there is motion blur to be observed in the bushes/trees.