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Marine Corp Marathon – 2016

Finishers in the Hand Crank Division – 26.2 miles

My 17-year-old ran the marathon on October 30th.  As a very proud mama I will tell you his time was 3:23:56.  He was 4th in his division and 484th over all out of approximately 30,000 runners. The runners/walkers you see to the left of the frame are participants in the 10K race.

The sites we saw, the incredible dedication and endurance was awe-inspiring.  We were moved to tears more than once and left the event feeling overwhelmed with the sacrifices so many men and women make for our country.  Sacrifices, that are so often taken for granted.

Life in Motion

Black And White Photography, Photography


A long exposure, using the railing as a tripod, at Grand Central Terminal in NYC.   There is so much activity in the terminal and life moves at a very quick pace.  I wanted to capture the ghost like appearances of people as they arrive at the terminal and then exit just as quickly.

Spring Shower

Black And White Photography

wm e_RGP3802 bw

ss 1/80 f 5.0 ISO 800

Nikon D810 Nikkor 105mm 2.8

Note: The shallow depth of field resulted in the weeds in the foreground being out of focus.

This photograph was taken Sunday afternoon during a senior portrait session.  The forecast stated sun and clouds but no rain. However, about 10 minutes into the session the skies turned black and a very hard rain shower came through.  Fortunately there was a gazebo that we could take cover under.  As we talked about the senior’s future plans for college and a career, we listened to the rain and watched the geese, who had been honking at us angrily moments before, and the Mallard swim in the rain.  The shower lasted for about 15 minutes before the sun briefly graced us with her presence again.

I’ll be posting some shots from the portrait session on Instagram later this week.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram or at my personal blog: Robyn Graham Photography to see more of my work.