Life in Motion

Black And White Photography, Photography


A long exposure, using the railing as a tripod, at Grand Central Terminal in NYC.   There is so much activity in the terminal and life moves at a very quick pace.  I wanted to capture the ghost like appearances of people as they arrive at the terminal and then exit just as quickly.

4 thoughts on “Life in Motion

  1. GCS – the perfect spot for timed exposures! Love the energy you captured here, Robyn, and of course, loved spending time with you. Thanks for making the trip into the city – the day was pure joy!


  2. This is a beautiful image Robyn 🙂 I actually have an image of you up by the Apple store and that railing you mentioned but it really didn’t come out as sharp as I would have liked. Grand Central is one of my favorite spots to photograph life passing by and I love the motion blur you used in this image to illustrate this. Outstanding work.

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    1. Completely agree with Joe. Grand Central is an awesome place and every time I pass through I still stop in wonder.

      Great photo, but I’m wondering how it would have looked in color? The terminal has an amazing glow which may have distorted with the long exposure?

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