The Monday morning dash to work.

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20180619-untitled shoot-7-Edit

I took this out of a taxi window on my way to a meeting in Xiamen in China. A wet but very warm morning it was too.

Sony RX100 MkII

Life in Motion

Black And White Photography, Photography


A long exposure, using the railing as a tripod, at Grand Central Terminal in NYC.   There is so much activity in the terminal and life moves at a very quick pace.  I wanted to capture the ghost like appearances of people as they arrive at the terminal and then exit just as quickly.


Black And White Photography


ss 0.8 f 22 ISO 160 – long exposure to capture motion

To see this image in color and to read more about it, please visit my personal blog at: Robyn Graham Photography. I’d love to hear your thoughts on which you like better – color or black and white, and do you Wander?