Inspiration, Camaraderie, Dedication, Sacrifice

Black And White Photography


Marine Corp Marathon – 2016

Finishers in the Hand Crank Division – 26.2 miles

My 17-year-old ran the marathon on October 30th.  As a very proud mama I will tell you his time was 3:23:56.  He was 4th in his division and 484th over all out of approximately 30,000 runners. The runners/walkers you see to the left of the frame are participants in the 10K race.

The sites we saw, the incredible dedication and endurance was awe-inspiring.  We were moved to tears more than once and left the event feeling overwhelmed with the sacrifices so many men and women make for our country.  Sacrifices, that are so often taken for granted.

4 thoughts on “Inspiration, Camaraderie, Dedication, Sacrifice

  1. Robyn, you have described so well what I felt when I watched some friends run the Marine Corps. So inspiring, and yes, we were moved to tears many times.
    Congrats to your son and thank you for sharing this great image … and a reminder to not forget!

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