Far Far Away …

Black And White Photography, Photography

I spent my New Year by the sea and walked during a long time on the beach.
It was so pleasant !

Oh chère mer,
Vois-tu le trou béant ?
Oui, là où se trouvait mon cœur.

Il n’y reste qu’un goût amer,
Laissé par mon tendre Océan,
Qui s’en est allé, me voila en pleure.

Oh dear sea
You see the gaping hole?
Yes, where my heart was.

There remains a bitter taste
Leave by my tender Ocean
Who is gone, here me crying.

Abstract Reflections

Black And White Photography, David Jensen, Photography
Abstract Reflections

Abstract Reflections


Human-made objects with reflective surfaces often create unexpected art.  In this case, the reflection on the flat surface of this building in the heart of downtown Chicago creates the illusion of three dimensional space.

A bird arrives … Then immediately leaves..!

Black And White Photography, Photography


These two images compliment each other. I like the fact that on the first one the bird arrives and on the second the bird leaves. The bird came back so quickly, when she realized she did not take the time to eat .. !
I love little birds and I observe them everyday and photograph them with a lot of patience. :’)
I hope you like them !