Strong But Fading

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Mobile Photography, Photography

These daffodils have been confused by the weather. Temperatures far too warm caused them to bloom too soon. Then they were beaten down by the rain, buffeted by the wind, and chilled by the snow, yet still they brought beauty to our home.

Beauty’s Essence

Black And White Photography, Don, Photography
What gives us more joy than flowers? The color. The fragrance. The pure delight of a garden of blooms and blossoms of many hues massed together to pleasure our senses. But for all that, a single bloom brings forth a simple elegance that is to be appreciated in a quieter way. And when photographing that single flower, the very simplicity of a black and white image provides a totally different appreciation. We see the elegant curves of the blossom, the soft, velvety texture, the complete delicacy of its design. Without the color to distract us, we see the essence of the flower.